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Customer 2016.09.15 23:28 300 USD   from 7 to 8 day(s)

I have a very complex EA project that I am selecting a coder to work on. 

I am representing here a professional trading firm who trades large volumes and who can be very generous with people who are really professional in their approach, who are available and ready to go the extra mile to make sure things work out well. This is a great opportunity for a top high quality MT4 coder.

The algorithm is based on proprietary concept that will be explained in private, which makes use of continuous recursive hedges of multiple positions within a very small fraction of time. 

This first project is a very rigorous test of competency, on both quality and error free code as well as capability to deliver within the deadline as per expected. If successful we will make sure you can work with us in an on-going basis and get paid fairly and according to your level of demonstrated expertise.

I will discuss the specification directly through skype chat along with several documents, screens and previous versions of the EA.


We want only the best coder, good communication, availability and absolute commitment. 

Hossein Nouri

Hossein Nouri 2016.09.15 23:28
Published 4 codes in Library
Jobs: 208 (55% personal)
Arbitration: 5 (completed in favor of the developer 40%, canceled in favor of the customer 40%)
Overdue: 46 (22%)
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