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FX-algo 2015.10.01 10:48 280 - 400 USD   from 10 to 30 day(s)
Hi hnp2500,
Current EA is working perfectly. Thank you so much! I need your help and expertise again to add new functions to the EA and make small modifications of underlying indicator.

I will send you the document with description of the new functions as soon as you have shown interest in the job.
Kindly let me know if you need more clarifications.
You may start the job and confirm only after you feel comfortable so you will not have overdue job. 
The EA will need forward testing, so I'll need 5 week-days to test the EA before final approval of job.
Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.
Best Regards
Hooshang Nosratpanah

Hooshang Nosratpanah 2015.10.03 15:13
Jobs: 1615 (77% personal)
Arbitration: 75 (completed in favor of the developer 32%, canceled in favor of the customer 37%)
Overdue: 34% (551)
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