Conversion of mql Source Code to TradingView PineScript

MQL5 Indicators Converting


I need an MT4 indicator (supply and demand) converted to TradingView Pine Script indicator. To my knowledge, this indicator doesn't repaint or back paint and hence the TradingView pine script shall also not repaint. It needs to be the exact same in look and behaviour. There must not be any limitations except for the max 500 boxes / 500 lines limitations of TradingView. The similar thing must be replicated in TradingView pine script, because the strategy back test will be dependent on it. You have to remember the following things:

1. There should be input choices as per the mq4 source code and the similar way would effect the converted code view in TradingView.

2. Default colurs may please be kept as:
a. Supply Zone – yellow, with higher transparency for dark mode

b. DemandZone – aqua, with higher transparency for dark mode

3. The variable names used in PineScript may please be kept as similar as possible corresponding to source code.

I will be the owner of the pine script source code. You need to send all source code. You shall never claim the copyright or never would publish or never would share with anyone the pine script source code. You may use it for yourself only.

This is private work and will remain strictly confidential.

Any partial achievement will not be treated or accepted as fulfilment of the requirements.


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