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menyediakan garis trend perdagangan scalping untuk perdagangan pelbagai pasangan matawang. anda yang berminat boleh dapatkan contoh dengan menghan email kepada saya di  dengan teks " trend line testing"  dengan teks " trend line testing"


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UPDATE: A DEVELOPER HAS BEEN SELECTED. Than you all for your submissions. I have an existing working indicator that I would like to add a sound to. The indicator has two trend lines that will only converge either at the very top, or the very bottom of the indicator range. Once converged, they will stay together for some length of time, and will then separate. If possible, I would like the indicator to do the
hi i want edit on this file MT2Trading_Super_Connector.mq4 if anyone don't know it (mt2trading is best trading bot for binray option you add arrow indicator on chart on any mt4 and add name of the indicator in the MT2Trading_Super_Connector and run the app that you install and you will get the signal to binary broker) now this Connector have many options to enter what i want from you is to add delay to signal add
Greetings, I currently have this dashboard but it does not source the ADX data from the indicator I want it to: The developer of the above has no problem with others enhancing his work, it just can't be re-sold. I paid $50 for a package of about 30 of his indicators to include this one. I have attached the .mq4 file. I would like to source ADX data from this indicator which I downloaded from
Candlestick based Breakout Entries on Candle types defined based on Open High Low Close OHLC Earlier code for Candle classification will e submitted for use in the current development Screenshot to be sent to Telegram and scan result updated in live market. Details in the Spec attached
As in tittle, Please combine 3 indicators into 1, I am looking for an experience trader, I expect konger co operation, Please send source of code, My budget is 30 USD
MetrixFlo Pro 30 - 70 USD
Tradeline Pro It uses multiple MA lines crossing, the ADX Crossing signal, Parabolic Sar, Volume indicators. The first MA lines are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 (Pink colour): Second MA lines are 17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31,33,35,37,39,41(Blue colour): Third MA lines are 44,47,50,53,56,59,62,65,68,71,74 (green color) Buy signal recordings
I want the utility to place pending orders based off my first manual order for the currency/chart the utility is attached to. Where I can set grid steps in points, total number of grid orders allowed and a take profit in points based off of all opened orders in the grid (basket) for each specific currency. I also need the utility to have a stop loss in points based off all opened orders of a certain currency
I will only provide more information to qualified developers who can produce previous results of the items I need added. You must have success with adding basket trading and drawdown reduction to EA with good logic
Good Day, Im looking for someone to convert two indicator used in mt4 to mt5. I attached the indicator in case is needed. One is a support and resistance and the other is a Trend channel indicator. I do not have the soruce code. The priority is the support and resistance indicator
pls I want programmer that could add custom arrow indicator to boom and crash bot .I have the bot but I want to add custom indicator to the bot. pls chat me on telegram+2348141273905 pls dont. chat me here. if you cht me here I would not answer youvhat

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35 - 250 USD
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