Indicator scanner in mt4

2020.06.28 Experts



Hi, I am stock trader in based in india, I have a set parameter of trade and I find I success rates is good.  If this indicator scanner is developed properly it can work on stocks. It basically works on candle stick pattern with different time frame confirmation of entry and exit.

The software is basically select from list of stocks saved in mt4 and matches mention indicator, show real time matches counts (which basically help to understand strength of trade).

 In main page of software stocks name (with CMP, %change), buy/sell search type, time duration (like, 5min, 15min, 30min, 1hrs, 2hrs, 4hrs, 1day, 1week, we  have the option of customization of time frame) and matching counts (how many indictors matches on selected duration) has to mentions. On selection of BUY+Duration, it should show best buy stocks on the top of chart on matching basis, on selection of sell+duration it should show best sell stocks on the top of chart. I need to have option of combining two different time frames, on combination it should show best matches combining both time frames. Parameter count numbers/botton has to green signal on buy and sell signal on sell.

Means best match search criteria based on time duration and sort stocks as numbers of signal match on highest number.


Key parameter:

1)      TIME DURATION: I need the customisation option selecting timeframe and numbers of time frame (e.g., 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, I can choose how many timeframe as i need and time as my choice)

2)      EMA:  Ema formula option (H+L+O+C/2, O+C/2,), ema number option as choice (like 3,4,8.12)

3)      Stochastic RSI choice: Customised to selecting positive/negative period (section  crossover or cross below)  and RSI number 50 (any number)

4)      William %R: customised option of selection of (below/above) and number 50.

5)      Moving average oscillator: customise histogram( positive or negative)

6)      Demarker: customise selection cross (below or above) number.

7)       MFI: customised option of above/below any number

8)      MACD: customised histogram (positive/negative)

Note: have the facility of selection/deselecting of parameter mention above. Reverse for sell or shot trade)

On selection of stock new window has to open, where are mention parameter opens in presided chart and top of chart shows price chart (open, high, previous close and % changes) , all time frame selected and indicator matches counts numbers (counts increase/decrease as match number increase and decrease).



Once completion of coding you have to provide me a trail with limited 10 stocks, 2 time frames for 7 days.

I can make any changes need to make it better usages for me, service guarantee has to give even after payment of work, it’s may includes further customization.

 I am creating this scanner only for my personal usage and not for sale, if it works in better way I would prefer to make mobile version too.














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Project information

30 - 100 USD
For the developer
27 - 90 USD
from 1 to 7 day(s)