Pending orders based on key levels

2020.05.24 Experts


The EA will have 4 key levels per pair for 22 pairs at 12 am broker time daily obtained by web request..

The ea must place pending orders for buy 5 pips above the levels and 5 pips below for sells.. 5 pips above and below thr level, gives a 10 pip zone for each level.. initial sl is x pips and rr is y. Risk per trade is a dollar value z.

If the price enters and hits tp, close trade and place pending orders again. If it goes reverse candle closes opposite side of line, reverse position. 
Each trade will have it's own magic number. If the trade closes in profit the magic number will increase.. when reversing there will be a loss, the EA will keep tab of this loss.. if AddLots setting = true, it will check multiplier = 1.3 and get next lot sizes.. if the magic number closes in profit, go to next magic number..

If after reversing several times the loss = z, close position and don't enter trade for that level in that day... this setting IgnoreLevel if true.. if false, keep adding positions to the level even if it takes a loss at that level.. 

Start time and end time if bot must be input. It will place orders at start time and will close all trades including pendings at close time.. the EA will run on any black chart and display commented information for the knowledge of the user such as lifetime profit for EA.. pairwise lifetime profit/loss.. current profit/ loss per pair for today..

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