Indicator/EA showing information of order Execution time and Slippage and Spread.

2020.05.23 Indicators Experts


I am trading with EAs that uses arbitrage or if not arbitrage, using very short "trade opening windows".

It would help me if this Indicator/EA programming could give me information to be collected in my MT5 will tell how a broker at this time/moment  delivers an small order execution time as well as Slippage for same order and pair.

I have with me an EA that is measuring Slippage average based on last order. I also have here an EA that present me with order execution time for order open and also for order close.

Would be great to have and Indicator/EA that presented such information to me.

The indicator/EA could for example work presenting 1 measurement/probe small order per minute/or I must be able to set time between measurement, or I must be able to choose to only use manual sample taking.

If this indicator/EA also could show spread, that is good.

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Project information

40 - 80 USD
VAT (21%): 8.4 - 16.8 USD
Total: 48.4 - 96.8 USD
For the developer
36 - 72 USD