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Ea for pocketoption ( not mt4 , webterminal) from mt4 signals

2020.02.03 Experts Integration


I want an ea that trade on the webplatform from pocketoption, trade by the signals that appear on my mt4 platform m1.

The signals not repaint,  on the alertbar it gives a signal to trade for the next bar, if the alert still valid, the next bar appears an arrow ( no repaint)at the begin of that bar, enter trade, win, ok lose, next bar martignale 1 , win=ok lose= martignale 2 on the 3 bar. win=ok lose=ok. wait next signal and repait.

Project information

50+ USD
VAT (21%): 10.5 USD
Total: 60.5 USD
For the developer
45 USD


Placed orders3
Arbitrage count0