Convert PRT -> MQL5 EA

2020.01.10 Converting



I am looking to convert a prt automatic trading system into a MQL5 EA.

The code is simple, there is no indicator, I will add them later.
There will be for now 3 conditions to meet to open position and set SL, TP, Break Even lvl and stop win lvl when other conditions will be reach.

I will need the code source to can change the parameters and add indicators after.

In the end I want the EA to be secure and that only I can provide access and change the different parameters. The only parameters that will be able to change must be stop loss risk in % with a max of 5%.

Thank you

Project information

30+ USD
VAT (24%): 7.2 USD
Total: 37.2 USD
For the developer
27 USD
to 14 day(s)


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