Demand supply type indicator Scanner

2019.09.14 Indicators Experts


Hello developer i need scanner for Indicator 
Here is requriment of this my indicator 

Attached excel also, very simple
Key Points
1  Time frame important.
2.Color and name of scan Important.

3. Symbol coming after the scan is a link to a chart. ( so just clicking the symbol chart can be verified for this particular scan.
4. It should show Ltp too 
5. there should me alert , notifaction features
6. There should be option which is in indicator for calculating the zone size and all adding indicator in attachment
7. Alert file should be formed in text format 

8. Option to select scripts and will give you list which is used in another scanner. 
9. Can make our own list on scanner

Here is excel link -

Project information

40 - 70 USD
For the developer
36 - 63 USD