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Sergey Golubev  

Just some interesting changes and new features we will see in new coming biuld of Metatrader 5 - read here :


List of changes in MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal builds

MetaQuotes, 2013.07.18 18:02

Preliminary Announcement of the MetaTrader 5 Updates

Over the next week, we will release the MetaTrader 5 update. After the release of the update, we will publish an additional news containing the full list of changes and the build number. The following changes are planned:

  1. Terminal: Added display of the scalper Depth of Market for the symbols having no external one:

    The new Depth of Market allows placing, modifying and deleting orders quickly and with maximum clarity providing best opportunities for profitable trading.

  2. Terminal: Added ability to place stop orders via the Depth of Market:

    When pressing buy or sell button on a price level, the terminal automatically defines the type of the placed order - stop or limit - and passes it to the trade server.

  3. Terminal: Added command for displaying the history of deals on the chart:

  4. Terminal: The time of opening and closing the orders, execution of deals and placing positions is now displayed up to seconds in the list of opened orders and positions, trading history and trade reports.
  5. Terminal: Added display and ability to manage Limit price for Stop-Limit orders to the chart's trading levels.
  6. Terminal: Fixed drawing the indicators having DRAW_SECTION, DRAW_ZIGZAG, DRAW_COLOR_SECTION and DRAW_COLOR_ZIGZAG display styles when using a shift in the indicator.
  7. Terminal: Fixed saving the chart after debugging or profiling.
  8. Terminal: Fixed display of SL-TP levels in the Depth of Market.
  9. Terminal: Fixed display of market orders in the Depth of Market.
  10. Terminal: Fixed symbol display in the trading dialog in case description is too long.
  11. Terminal: Optimized terminal operation in case of a large number of selected symbols.
  12. Terminal: Fixed and enhanced translation of the graphic interface into Italian, Portuguese and French.
  13. Terminal: Fixed terminal help update in Portuguese.
  14. Terminal: Added translation of the client terminal's help in French.
  15. Signals: Added display of Equity chart and signal reviews to the information about a signal. Added warning of the last trading transaction date.

  16. Signals: Added display of new signals that have appeared over the past 3 days to the signals tab.
  17. MQL5: Added ResourceReadImage() function - this function passes the graphic resource data created by ResourceCreate() function or saved in EX5 file during compilation to the array.
    bool  ResourceReadImage(
       const string      resource_name,       // name of the graphic resource for reading
       uint&             data[],              // array for receiving data from the resource
       uint&             width,               // width of the copied area from the resource
       uint&             height,              // height of the copied area from the resource
  18. MQL5: Added ResourceFree() function allowing MQL5 application developers to manage memory consumption when actively working with resources.
  19. MQL5: Added additional operation mode for working with OpenCL for CLContextCreate function - CL_USE_CPU_ONLY - only OpenCL emulation on CPU is allowed.
  20. MQL5: Fixed MQL5 programs execution errors when working in 64-bit Windows 8.
  21. MQL5: Limited the number of warnings delivered during compilation down to 100 ones.
  22. MQL5: Standard Library. Improved controls library - added ability to work with several applications in one subwindow.
  23. MetaTester: Fixed setting position ID when executing rollovers with re-opening.
  24. MetaEditor: Fixed undoing changes when working with MQL5.Storage.
  25. MetaEditor: Fixed operation of "Make Uppercase" and "Make Lowercase" commands in case there are non-Latin characters in the line.
  26. MetaEditor: Fixed MetaAssist operation.
  27. MetaEditor: Added translation of online help into Chinese.
  28. Fixed errors reported in crash logs.
  29. Updated documentation.

Sergey Golubev  

I just want to remind about how to insert the images to the post - read this small article

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Sergey Golubev  

I am making some mini-articles related about How to use some indicators which were coded/uploaded/converted to MT5 CodeBase. Why? Because there are a lot of indicators in CodeBase and just few good description only about how to use them - example with good description is this one: Renko Line Break

So, the discriptions about how to use (mini articles):

  1. Custom Moving Average
  2. Kaufman Efficiency Ratio
  3. MACD
  4. PinBar
  5. Bollinger Bands
  6. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  7. Parabolic SAR
  8. Bulls Power
  9. Bears Power
  10. Chande Momentum Oscillator
  11. Momentum
  12. Aroon
  13. Hull Moving Average (HMA)
  14. Keltner Channel
  15. Relative Vigor Index Indicator
  16. Average True Range (ATR)
  17. Balance of Power Indicator
  18. Gann HiLo Activator Indicator
  19. Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)
  20. Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Indicator
  21. Ultimate Oscillator
  22. Linear Regression Slope Indicator
  23. Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)
  24. True Strength Index
  25. Bollinger Bandwidth Indicator
  26. Renko
  27. Chaikin Oscillator
  28. Elliott Wave
  29. Swing Index
  30. Accumulative Swing Index
  31. Triple Exponential Average (TRIX)
  32. Stochastic RSI
  33. Detrended Price Oscillator
  34. Volume Rate of Change
  35. Trend Trigger Factor (TTF)
  36. Candlestick Basics
  37. Bullish Engulfing Pattern
  38. Bearish Engulfing Pattern
  39. Point & Figure indicator
  40. Dark Cloud Cover
  41. Dragonfly Doji
  42. Evening Star
  43. Rate of Change (ROC)
  44. Gravestone Doji
  45. Hammer
  46. Hanging Man
  47. Harami
  48. Inverted Hammer
  49. Morning Star
  50. Piercing Line Pattern
  51. Shooting Star
  52. Tweezer Tops and Bottoms
  53. Windows (Gaps)
  54. Darvas Box Indicator
  55. DeMarker Indicator
  56. Support and Resistance Indicator
  57. ZigZag
  58. Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)
  59. Linear Regression Channel
  60. Mass Index
  61. Stochastic Momentum Index
  62. Alligator Indicator
  63. Volatility
  64. Price Volume Trend
  65. Stochastic Oscillator
  66. AutoTrendLines
  67. Camarilla_Full
  68. Force Index
  69. LineBreakOnChart
  70. Price Channel
  71. Donchian Channels
  72. Renko_v1
  73. GMMA (Guppy Multiple Moving Averages)
  74. Historical Volatility Ratio
  75. Chande's Q-Stick Indicator
  76. Chande's Trendscore indicator
  77. TSI-Oscillator
  78. i-Regression Channel
  79. Gann_Hi-lo_Activator_SSL
  80. Gann Hi-Lo Activator SSL
  81. Fisher Transform
  82. ATR_MA_Oscillator
  83. TrendLine Touch Alert
  84. XXDPO
  85. Ease of Movement
  86. Any Pair Stochastic
  87. Donchian Channel
  88. DeMarker_HTF
  89. MFCS Currency Correlation Chart
  90. i-AnyRange
  91. ZigZag_INT
  92. ZigZag
  93. ZigZag_NK_MTF
  94. Chaikin Volatility
  95. ATR ratio
  96. Pivot Lines TimeZone
  97. Pivot Point
  98. PivotPoint
  99. PivotPointUniversal
  100. Aroon Oscillator
  101. ColorMACD
  102. On Balance Volume (OBV)
  103. Laguerre
  104. X2MA Transform Candles
  105. 2pbIdealXOSMA_Candles
  106. iUSDx (USD index) Muticurrency Indicator
  107. USDx dollar index
  108. ytg_Japan_Candles
  109. iBBFill
  110. RSI_3HTF
  111. AdaptiveRenko
  112. i-GAP
  113. Color Parabolic SAR
  114. 3Parabolic System
  115. Parabolic_HTF
  116. Levels
  117. iHeikenAshiSm
  118. Heiken Ashi Smoothed
  119. RSICandle
  120. ColorRSI
  121. UltraRSI
  122. AbsoluteStrength
  123. AbsoluteStrengthMarket
  124. Narrow range breakout pattern
  125. AroonSignal
  126. XRVI
  127. ColorRVI_HTF
  128. XDeMarker_BB
  129. ZigZag NK Channel
  130. ZigzagColor_Channel
  131. Support-Resistance Indicator
  132. Fibonacci retracement
  133. AutoDayFibs
  134. Auto Fibonacci Indicator (Auto Fibos)
  135. Daily_FiboPiv_DK
  136. FiboPivot_V2
  137. ZigZag on Parabolic + Fibo + Channel
  138. ZigZag + Fibo
  139. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
  140. Three Outside Up
  141. 3XMA_Iсhimoku
  142. Ichimoku Cloud
  143. Ichimoku Oscillator
  144. Multi RSI
  145. RSI multi-timeframe
  146. MQL5 Wizard - Trade Signals Based on Bullish Harami/Bearish Harami+ Stochastic
  147. TrendlinesDay
  148. DMA (Displaced Moving Averages)
  149. Moving Averages, multi-timeframe
  150. Envelopes
  151. MACD Histogram, multi-timeframe, multi-color
  152. ZeroLag MACD
  153. ExCandles2
  154. Trend Lines Crossing
  155. Color Parabolic 2
  156. Break_Lag_ATR
  157. Float
  158. RSI Fan
  159. Color Parabolic
  160. Blau_Ergodic
  161. i-IntradayFibonacci
  162. Waddah Attar Fibo
  163. Breakout Bars Trend v2
  164. channel_breakout_entry
  165. UltraCCI
  166. Fractals
  167. Fine_Fractals_MTF
  168. X-bars Fractals
  169. i4_pivot_v1
  170. Fractal_Level_Xrust
  171. FX_Sniper_Ergodic_CCI
  172. JCCX
  173. SuperWoodiesCCI
  174. Fine Fractals
  175. CCI T3
  176. CCIT3_Simple
  177. PinBar
  178. Gann_Multi_Trend
  179. MaksiGen_Range_Move MTF
  180. Accumulation/Distribution
  181. Williams'Accumulation/Distribution (W_A/D)
  182. XCCX
  183. CCI T3 Tick
  184. CCI_DrawMode
  185. LW_Fractals
  186. ytg_Fractals_Price
  187. IncIchimokuOnArray
  188. RSI Strike
  189. StepMA_NRTR
  190. NRTR
  191. RSI HTF
  192. RSIImproved
  193. Fractals Modified
  194. MA_3HTF
  195. Smoothed ADX
  196. XADX
  197. KLines
  198. r_Ma
  199. spread_on_chart
  200. Spread Indicator
  201. ytg_Spread_StopLevel
  202. Monitoring Spread
  203. LinearRegressionLine
  204. MVV_LinearRegression
  205. Heiken-Ashi

more to follow


If you see some indicators in CodeBase and you know how to use them - please upload it on automatic discussion thread related to those indicators.

Sergey Golubev  

206. Cronex_Impulse_MACD
207. RVI_3HTF
208. FibSR
209. Pivot_RS_session
210. Quick ZigZag plus DiNapoli
211. Donchian Channel
212. Price Channel
213. Price Channel
214. Price_Channel_Trend
215. XMA Ichimoku Channel
216. ChannelAnt
217. Percentage Crossover Channel
218. TrendValue
219. CCI_3HTF
220. MTF RSI Smoothed (recursive)
221. Stochastic Oscillator Blau_TS_Stochastic
222. Stochastic-X8
223. Stochastic multi-timeframe
224. Stochastic_HTF
225. Trade Sessions Indicator
226. MACD Divergence
227. i-Sessions
228. News VLine
229. DailyPivotPoints
230. WeeklyPivot
231. PrevDayAndFloatingPivot
232. DailyPivot Shift
233. DailyTurnPoint
234. Clock-Indiсator
235. Spread Of Symbols
237. StepRSI_v5.2
238. MQL5: Analysis and Processing of Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Reports in MetaTrader 5
239. AscTrend Expert Advisor
240. Dserg - LinRegression Breakout
241. Pearson correlation indicator
242. MarketProfile
243. Bollinger Bands Set
244. SpreadInfo
245. Triangle Hedge
246. Simple Hedge Panel
247. SpreadCandlesCreator
249. Money Flow Index (MFI)
250. Pivot_Fibs
251. MaksiGen_Range_Move
252. MACD-2
253. ATR Channels
254. Fisher_mbk
255. Fisher_mbk_HTF
256. RAVI_FX_Fisher
257. Fisher RVI
258. MACD
259. MACD - Any higher timeframe
260. MaksiGen_Channels
261. Renko_v2
262. RoundPriceAlert
263. Digital_MACD
264. Laguerre_ROC
265. QQE [v02] and QQE multi-timeframe [v02]
266. QQECloud
267. The Implementation of Automatic Analysis of the Elliott Waves in MQL5
268. AutoElliottWaveMaker - MetaTrader 5 Tool for Semi-Automatic Analysis of Elliott Waves
270. RSIFilter
271. Indicator for Point and Figure Charting
272. The Last Crusade
273. ADXCrossing
274. T3_TRIX
275. AdaptiveRenko_HTF
276. Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA)
277. MACD Cloud
279. Ergodic MACD Oscillator Blau_Ergodic_MACD
280. Ideal ZigZag
281. Pivot-2
282. False Breakouts Counter
283. Renko Line Break vs RSI EA
284. iWPR_HTF
285. WPR_3HTF
286. WPR_Hist
287. BB-HL
288. XPoints
289. UltraWPR
290. HL Cross Signal for WPR
291. BykovTrend
292. WPRfix
293. VininI_Trend_XMA_WPR
294. Donchian Channels System
295. VininI WPR FO
296. Universal Oscillator
297. i-DRProjections
298. Doji_Arrows
299. The 4 color АО indicator
300. Awesome_Signal
301. Awesome Oscillator (AO)
302. Awesome Oscillator Divergence
303. X4Period_RSI_Arrows
304. RChannel
305. The Moving Average Class
306. CDonchian class
307. TrendRSI_v1
309. CCICustomCandles
310. DailyPivotPoints_Full
311. Exp5-VirtualTradePad for mt5 v 4 (Contest version)
312. FX5_SelfAdjustingRSI
313. OnChart_RSI
314. ZigZag_NK_MTF_Levels
315. GannZIGZAG_Levels
316. ZigZagOnParabolic_HTF
318. X4Period_Stochastic_Arrows
319. MACD_Histogram
320. Channels
321. ZeroLag MACD
322. Ind-Fractals-1
323. ADXCloud
324. StochasticCGOscillator_HTF
325. MFI_price
326. ATR channel
327. HighsLowsSignal
328. RES-SUP
329. MFI_3HTF
330. Simple Scalping System
331. Waddah Attar Scalping
332. Dynamic Auto Resistance Support
333. CMF Indicator (Chaikin Money Flow)
334. WeightedWCCI
335. AdvADXStr
336. Bollinger Bands %b
337. i-Fractals-sig
338. Fractal Levels
339. CandleColorCounter
340. MACD
341. Advanced ADX
342. ATR ratio
343. Chaikin Oscillator
344. CronexChaikin
345. i-HighLow_Channel_HTF
346. MACD Histogram, multi-color
347. The MACD with the definition of price extremums
348. Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD
349. MACD Sample
350. AltrTrend Signal v2 2
351. Dyn_Pivot
352. XigXag
353. Spread Indicator
354. PChannel_System
355. FivePattern
356. HullTrend_HTF
357. HullTrend
362. The class for drawing the ATR using the ring buffer
363. RVIWithFlat
364. MFIWithFlat
365. RSIWithFlat
366. RSIWithFlat_HTF
367. MFIWithFlat_HTF
368. 3 EMA Crossover
370. AMA Slow Trend Line
371. Perry Kaufman AMA Optimized
372. The class for drawing the AMA using the ring buffer
373. Adaptive Moving Average (AMA)
374. i-AMA-Optimum_HTF
375. i-AMA-Optimum
376. RSI Peak & Bottom
377. Professional ZigZag
378. Delta ZigZag
379. Awesome_Signal_HTF
380. BlauTSStochastic_HTF
381. GannSwingsVIII
382. Schaff Trend + Signal EMA
383. Schaff Trend
384. Schaff Trend Cycle
385. Schaff Trend
386. MACD Momentum
387. MTF EMA 20
388. RSI_Filter
389. CCI_Filter
390. ATR_Filter
391. Smoothed ADX by John Ehlers
392. The class for drawing the ADX using the ring buffer
393. ADX Cross Hull Style
395. ATR_Normalize_HTF
396. ATR_Normalize
397. Simple ZigZag
398. Moving Avreage
399. AwesomeModPips
400. Currency Correlation
401. ytg_MA_TF
402. Fractal ZigZag (never repaints)
403. RSI-Crossover_Alert
404. Heiken Ashi ZoneTrade
405. BBMACD_V2
406. Renko Live Charts v4.13
407. Keltner Channel
408. Double ZigZag (no repaint)
409. Regression Channel with variable polynomial degree, Indicator & EA
410. MAC3D Custom Indicator
411. Market Sessions
412. MTF Inside Bar

Sergey Golubev  

If you are totally new to this website and

  • you are programmer and looking for some Job, or
  • you are trader and want to build your strategy/system/indicator/EA so

there are some pages which will help you to start :

  1. How to Order a Trading Robot in MQL5 and MQL4

  2. How to Order an Expert Advisor and Obtain the Desired Result

  3. Payment System

  4. Rules of Using the Jobs Service
Sergey Golubev  


GBPUSD Buy/Selll

newdigital, 2013.07.05 13:41

If you new to forex and/or Metatrader 5 so you can start with this thread : How to Start with MT5, a summary !

As to templates and systems so you can see :



The Theory.

Manual Trading statements
Second version of this manual trading system and for now - asctrend indicator together with NRTR indicator

First version of AsctrendND EA.
Next version of AsctrendND EA (verion 1.02) with TrendStrength filter added.

How To Create Your Own Manual Trading Signal System Based On Indicators From MT5 CodeBase - Instruction For Non-Programmers


PriceChannel Parabolic system

PriceChannel Parabolic system basic edition

  • indicators and template to download for black background (first post of this thread)
  • PriceChannel indicator is on CodeBase here, same for white background, how to install
  • Clock indicator to be used with this trading system - Indicator displays three variants of time in the chart: local, server and GMT
Latest version of the system with latest EAs to download
How to trade
The settingas for EAs: optimization and backtesting
Trading examples
GoMarkets broker, initial deposit is 1,000
Alpari UK broker initial deposit is 1,000
RoboForex broker initial deposit is 1,000


Market Condition Evaluation

story/thread was started from here/different thread


Market condition

3 Stoch MaFibo trading system for M5 and M1 timeframe

PriceChannel ColorPar Ichi system.


MaksiGen trading system

Merrill's patterns are on this page.


Divergence - how to use, explanation and where to read about.


Scalp_net trading system
  • template/indicators and how to use are on this comment.
  • scalp_net_v132_tf EA is on this post with optimization results/settings for EURUSD M5 timeframe
  • possible settings #1 for this EA for EURUSD M5 timeframe with backtesting results is on this post.

MTF systems

more to follow ...