Partial closing of position

Christian Schuller


example: I buy 0.3 lot of EURUSD. Then the price rises and I want to sell 0.1 lot of the position (on third) manually. In order to secure a part of the profit. How can I do that on MT4 manually?



Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
  • If you are partial closing - you close 0.1 so 'buy 0.2' will be running.
  • If you want secure so you can open 'sell 0.1' so you will have 'buy 0.3' running and 'sell 0.1' running.
  • Or you close 0.1 and open 'sell 0.1' so you will have 'buy 0.2' running and 'sell 0.1' running.
  • You can do it on the same way as you opened 0.3 for EURUSD (MT4 allows it, you will have just the brokers limitation but I think - most of the brokers allow it too).
Bernhard Schweigert

mt4 will hedge this way, mt5 will close.

for mt4 edit trade, then you can close part