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Withdraw all my money

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mornemarx Marx
mornemarx Marx  

hi, i deposited 10$ when i opened the account. I thought mql5 was a broker to use on metatrader 5. most companies want 250$ and up. how do i get my 10$ back or use it to help me profit with forex and CFDs on other platforms

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Just some rules about withdraw (from this part of the article):

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unable to wd fund

Marco vd Heijden, 2016.05.17 20:37

3. Withdraw from Account

Warning: there is a set of conditions which might prevent withdrawal.

The problem The solution
No earned money on the account Start earning with services
Withdrawal is allowed not more often than once per twenty-four hours Wait for twenty-four hours and try withdrawal again
No Verified User status Register as a seller
Discordance of payment systems when depositing and withdrawing Use the payment system (WebMoney, PayPal or ePayments only), which was used when you deposited to your account for the first time, when withdrawing
Financial operations are blocked Please contact Service Desk to solve this problem users can deposit to their accounts in several different ways. However, withdrawal is possible for quite a few of them! In addition, the fraud protection system does not allow to transfer funds from one payment system to another using the website as an intermediary.

You can not withdraw what you deposited.

Ali El Haj Dib
Ali El Haj Dib  
are you seriously bagging for 10 $ , if your budget is 10$ than please don't consider trading as there is risk to lose big money 
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