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Export open positions + stoplosses to Excel/Relational database (preferably) in real time

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Svetan 2016.06.03 15:39 


I'm trying to implement my master/slave trade mirroring solution and so far I've found these to be the best suited:

I contacted the CEO, he wouldn't give me a trial id, though. The .mql4 is open source, it involves a .exe (I think C++), that exports to the .xlsx file. And it's something that can't be decompiled (Tried .NET Reflector).

I see MT4 has a built-in function (Tools > options > enable DDE server) for exporting data to .xls, however, googling it only shows it implemented for exporting quotes, as opposite to open trades and stoplosses in real time

How do I achieve that?

 Is it possible for many people to be looking at the same real-time account with MT5 in-browser terminal?

My indicator either has to deliver open trade data somehow to the slave terminals (not exactly copy it, it's against the law without a license), or feed it to a MySQL server online, where people login to view it real time. Zulu itself is not an option, since all trades are publicly visible and my partner doesn't want that.



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