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georgegeorge 2012.10.09 11:53 


I have done some backtesting on a demo account, yesterday i started a live account on the MT5 Platform loaded up the EA and in the journal reads..

CTrade::OderSend:market sell 0.5 EURUSD (invalid fill)

What does this mean ????????

This is the standard EA that comes with the MT5 platform.

I have created a couple robots through the builder but the code (invalid fill) comes up on those too...

Starting to get fustrated with this - CAM ANYONE HELP GET THIS LIVE PLEASE ???????????????????????

By The Way..

All settings on the patform seem to be fine..

Allow auto trading, allow dssl etc...


Regards - George. 

Sabu John
Sabu John 2012.10.09 17:53  

dear friend

I am  attaching the EA with default settings.Make sure you have not made any errors

graziani 2012.10.09 17:54  

Hi George,

i guess you are using MIG bank demo.

For some reason, it doesn't work, it gives this error no matter what fill method you use (FOK, IOC, RETURN).

I switched to alpari (ECN broker), and returned to admiral markets (retail broker).


admiral has bad setting for MIN_LOTSIZE = 0, (some adaptation in EA code might be needed), but otherwise looks OK (so far).

alpari is not filling test nor active history correctly (i didn't play too much with that issue).

so .... it would be interesting to hear some comment from metaquotes about this, is there a recommended MT5 demo account?

georgegeorge 2012.10.09 23:39  

dear friend

I am  attaching the EA with default settings.Make sure you have not made any errors



I want to say thank you !!!



It ended up being the platform broker - it must not allow live trade from EA's i was using a broker here in Sydney Australia and i just downloaded the alpari uk version and it worked straight away...


Problem solved :D


Thank you both for your time and help....


Good luck with your trading adventures !!!!!


Regards George :)



georgegeorge 2012.10.10 01:45  

Now Im goiing even Crazier :(


Why does the same program work different in 2 platforms ?

1) vantage fx australia works great - but i cant get it to live trade ... (which was the reason i found and jumped on this forum)

The aim, (and it does it) - is that, As the moving average is either trending up or down using that as the first confirmation then using the sar to 2nd confirm the entrance point of the trade.

The trailing stop is controlled by the sar so when it swaps dot positions to indicate trend change it closes the position.


Then waits for the signal to re enter a new trade not instanataniously swaps from long to short visa versa..


In the short version of this - the entrance signal is activated at the right time.. no to swap positions.



2) The alpari and a couple other mt5 platforms i downloaded to test, these all swap postions instanaitiously.




How do we control what the entrance point is and why is one platform doing it perfect and the other patform completly ruining the stratergy ??


How do I instruct or modify the EA - NOT to switch positions but to follow the input signals of both MA and SAR entrance point.

(that is if it closes one position, not to immediately open another trade in the opposite direction)


 If this is NOT what this EA Mapsarsizedoptimezed is used to do what im trying to get at above, which one does and without swapping positions straight away.




Thank you 

George ...





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