Experts: The Fraktrak xonax Expert Advisor based on the fractal breakouts

Muhammad Adil  
i will give you ea just skype me on adilkhan8000 i will give it with prove when you trust i will give you thanks

open trade as soon as initiated on a chart, does not wait for next fractal

timeframe is set to 0 for current timeframe of the chart 


Hi! I'm new in this forum, and I want to ask, how to do the "fraktak" works on renko charts? In my case it's open 1 or 2 positions daily   only on EU ...., and only with iMTH "!MTH Composit Courency Renko Charts Builder". This indi is very havy, and my computer becomes slow, 

please  help me in some way... thx 


It gives the contrian (in oposition) orders   "buy" in place to "sell",  and "sell" in place to "buy"...could you change it?\

Petr Kubanek  


nice EA, thanks!

I am running it on DEMO and LIVE Account on GBPUSD M30 and it works well (set file attached).

However, I see that in the day the trades are running well (= profitable) but in the night there are many fake breakouts most probably because my broker make the spreads wide.  I guess the EA would work much better with an spread filter (allow an trade if the spread is < 4 PIPs) and/or with daytime filter (no trades between 22:00 - 07:00 GMT time). Could you add the filter to your code?  Thanks!