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ChartScreenShot on strategy tester, please help!

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meisme 2012.03.12 18:29 

Hello everybody,

I have problem to use ChartScreenShot function when running on strategy tester.  There is no file created on 'Files' folder. Anybody ever try this? Is ChartScreenShot function not supported on strategy tester?

I check the return value of this function, and it's return true. 

Here is how i use it:

if (ChartScreenShot(0, "Buy.gif", 300, 200, ALIGN_RIGHT) == true)
  Print("It's true");
  Print("It's false");

Above codes are running when being attached to normal chart (i can see the screenshot created on 'Files' folder). But when running on strategy tester, no screenshot found.  For the strategy tester 'Files' folder, i always check on the strategy data folder (which is different to the normal chart data folder).

Anybody ever try or experience this? Please help!


meisme 2012.03.14 16:49  

Anyone could help? I stuck on this matter as I need to do visual analysis to my current EA strategy
FXDub 2013.01.15 03:29  

Hi Meisme,

I m facing the same issue... have you found the solution ?

Thanks in advance! 

phi nuts
phi nuts 2013.01.16 17:12  

Nope, does not work on my MT5 either. My guess is that this function takes resources to create picture, and so MQ disabling it. 

I think, MQ should create some sort of a list, which mql5 functions that does not works on Strategy Tester :(.

gr101 2015.10.20 00:06  

Any confirmation on this?

I'm having the same issue.

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