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Hey, im currently building a Rebate EA, the goal being to stay break even and generate volume (turnover).

We make money for the Brokrage and the Brokrage gives back 60-80% of the spreads generated, its a scalable winn winn Situation.
Technically its easyer and more doable then being longterm profitable in trading.

What im looking for is someone who can help me with the last part of my strategy, im willing to share my rebate EA with you once its done for your help.
I would truely appreciate it!

Befor i describe what i need, the goal is to have as little risk as possible, best case below 15-20% draw down, we want to earn rebates longterm and passivly, for that we need to avoid exponetiall risk like martingale, grid and zone recovery, the Key is not running out of equity (free margin)

So what i need for the last part of my EA is the safest Alternative to strategys like martingale, grid or zone recovery, basicly a no SL approach which either closes profitable or takes on a little draw down to add in, in a safe way, its hard to explain since i dont know what exactly im looking for.

I need linear risk, not too much exposure into long or short, so i guess hedging and averaging to Cover if the exposure to the long side is too big or if exposure (volume/lots) to the short side is too big, we want to reduce the possibility of big draw down but close all bucket of trades slightly profitable in the end.

i would appreciate any help and ideas!

Usually when you go live a bot(that pretends profitable in backtest), you end up break even. There is no garantee. But you should do your best to generate a good strategy to increase the probability of break even.

tho93 #:

Thats not true, spread is not increased for rebate/IB partners, you also need spread to earn back spread.

Thats your responsibility as well, you choose the best option.

If you choose a brokrage which pays 2.40$ per lot and increases spreads on you, thats your fault and unprofessional.

Try to look at it this way, if a brokerage pays you back 80% of the spreads you generate, you basicly have great trading conditions!

Doesent matter if you trade manually or specificly for Rebates.

If you get back 8$ per lot on 1x pip spread, you are basicly trading 0.2x pips spread, there is no reason not to do it, if your brokerage offers it.

"doesn’t work Its all been done before" is a argument i cant accept, doesent even make sense.

some people trade profitable, others dont, some get rebates on top, others dont. Saying it doesen work is truely unproffesional, do you mean the brokerage just wont pay out rebates or is it a limitation in your mind that you are just saying but you never tryed it?

Why wont it work? Did you ever try it? Do you understand the numbers behind it?

i dont want to convince you, your statement is just inaccurate in my eyes, or maybe i dont get it
I’ve been trading for over thirty years seen it all 
If you are getting 80% of your spread back then all they are doing is given back what they took from you in the first place find a better broker.  Alternatively they have a trading desk and are working against you 
I pay as little as zero pips spread on eurusd for example.  Would I be better paying more and getting 80% back ?   If you trade for rebates you’ll get burned your risk reward is ridiculously biased
But it’s up to you.  Enjoy