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I can code your strategy into an Expert Advisor

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Lucas VDV
Lucas VDV  

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself first: I'm a computer engineer by degree, specialized in the design of software systems. I started taking an interest in the forex market business a while back and I'm interested in coding your EA's or indicators for a fee. I provide the following warranty's for the software:

-The final product will perform all functionality as requested.
-The final product will be fully tested and optimally written for best performance regarding memory and cpu usage
-You will be completely satisfied with the final product. I will do a free followup and make changes in case of any problems.
-If I accept the job, the software will be finished 5 business days later (maximum)
-I will add following functionality to your EA free of charge:
   -Full error and eventhandling (for eg broker glitches, connection errors, etc)
   -Independent EA-orderaccounting
   -Volume control (Risk based, margin based or fixed lotsize possibilities)
   -Possibility to input timing criteria (eg only trade certain sessions/hours, possibility to back off for news events etc..)
   -A free indicator that will print information about the current status of the EA
   -Support for all kinds of platforms/brokers
-I accept payments through paypal, or via credit card. 

I am new to this forum, So I will do free work for a limited period of time only if one of the following conditions are met:
-The strategy that you want to convert to an EA is very profitable.
-You can somehow prove the profitability through some important stats like the profit factor, max experienced drawdawn, total wins/losses experienced, risk:reward ratio, long term manual backtesting results etc.
-Preferably, You can (partially) prove these stats by sending me your mt4 trade history (convert to a rapport).
-If and when I make a positive evaluation of these stats then I will code the software free of charge.
You are a customer that requires multiple tasks to be coded -- I will code your third project free of charge after I have completed two payed projects
-This offer is valid until the 1st of september 2011

You can contact me through a private message or at ; subject: "Coding request".

Thank you! 

Well, nice idea, but I have to say that I think if someone is smart enough to come up with a profitable manual strategy then (s)he is just smart enough to develop an EA out of it!
Lucas VDV
Lucas VDV  


I'll be taking new requests for mt4 projects next week.

Additional service: I provide extensive optimization for expert advisors on 99% modelling quality tick data if you request this. I will also perform this optimization process on EA's that I did not develop myself.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Thank you.
Documentation on MQL5: Standard Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Environment State / Running MQL5 Program Properties
Standard Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Environment State / Running MQL5 Program Properties - Documentation on MQL5
Lucas VDV
Lucas VDV  

Hi again,

I'll be taking some new requests this week.
Feel free to request a quotation. 


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