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Gbp/Usd Hot Signal

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Omodara Stephen
Omodara Stephen 2015.02.13 14:12 
  The GBP/USD flag breakout move many pips against my selling order,but the time has come now to count profit on GBP/USD... The flag has expire,if you view the flag, you will see that it will loose strenght at 1.5414-1544 region ... It is now best time to make your profitable SELLING order now.. Targeting 1.5215 first target,1.5185 second target and 1.5090 as third target.  Happy Trading
waqasabdur 2015.02.13 14:16  

realy today or on monday

Omodara Stephen
Omodara Stephen 2015.02.13 14:22  
the order will start today .... But may not hit T.P today , I am looking forward for the impact of coming GBP news to make the volatility of GBP high
waqasabdur 2015.02.13 14:32  

but usd is steel low

eray yatagan
eray yatagan 2015.02.13 15:52  
selling gbpusd is a good idea but i will wait for monday i dont think it is going anywhere today.there will be some major news on tuesday(GBP CPI) and wednesday.
Dedy Sucianto
Dedy Sucianto 2015.02.13 16:36  
GBP / USD Will going UP....
Pankaj D Costa
Pankaj D Costa 2015.02.13 17:07  
My focus is saying GBP getting up trend and will be continue. Lets wait and see. 
Ronnie Mansolillo
Ronnie Mansolillo 2015.02.13 17:17  

My contribution to the topic. Maybe can help.

On weekly chart it seems to me that a new bullish primary trend has just started since last closing bar. Also there is on chart a white down dot but isn't visible due to news on chart. also we are inside an overbought volume situation.

Good trading to all.


Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2015.02.13 19:12  
Cable is gaining strength over the dollar.
Steve Zoeger
Steve Zoeger 2015.02.13 19:17  
Looks like the Cable will break down
Omodara Stephen
Omodara Stephen 2015.02.16 14:10  
Lets see what GBP/USD  will do for today, with all the strength this pair find it difficult to break 1.5445, let wait and see how the movement will be for today... Still in my selling order
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