How do you tell how much of the deposited balance a bot is using?

Fernando Carreiro  
ForexKing: I am looking at the properties and I can't see how much of the money is allocated to a bot. This is very easy to see normally on other platform, but for the life of me I can't see how much a given bot is allowed to use of the balance at any give time. Where is that information?!

That is not how EAs (bots) work on MetaTrader. EAs can trade ALL of your balance if it so wishes. It up to the coder (and the user of an EA if it be the case) to create the necessary conditions to properly limit and control the risk. It is especially important for the user to know and understand exactly how an EA works and the risks involved and what parameters are available to manage those conditions.

The very fact that you do not know this means that you are not yet ready to use an EA properly and manage whatever parameters are available on your EA to manage the risk.

Take some time to first fully learn how to trade on MetaTrader and to manage your risk and then fully research the EA you plan to use so that you will be able to use properly and safely.