0 11:25:26.631 System to be shutdown, request for close MetaTrader

Fernando Carreiro  
PhilVirginiaTrade: Hi I have this error message in my log. Does anyone have any idea why this message is occuring. Seemed to affect my demo MT4 but not my live MT4. Would love an answer

Please don't double post! Is this on your PC or on a VPS?

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MetaTrader 4 Platform update build 1340

Fernando Carreiro, 2021.07.23 15:30

It means that your PC or VPS has initiated a shutdown procedure, either due to a Windows Update or some other automated intervention or even due to a "human" having initiated a shutdown.

I say this, because I don't think that the MetaTrader Live update issues those log entries. At least I don't remember seeing that in my updates.