EA is now not working!!!

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Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter  
Over the summer I programmed an EA to take a trade if 5 parameters lined up, as soon as the 5 lined up it would trade. Initially it lost thousands an hour, until I told it to trade once per candle. Losses went to a couple hundred a day. 

I need help with it making trades the other direction, buy was the first programmed and it will not take sell trades.

I have 30 external variables, preset to 0.000.
I need to know how to turn them off, when not being used, I know I've seen it just dont remember where.

The 30 variables are based off of support and resistance numbers, close above buy, close below sell.

I am curious if I can call MACD signal and histogram individually, and also having trouble on a close on a MACD cross.

Manual trading has proven this strategy a 40% return in 6 hours on a demo, terrible lot size though. 0 losses in 10 trades. I need a larger lot size before I use a real account

I dont want direct answers just where to look, I will not be able to post the code until next weekend.

Thanks in advance.
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