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Hopefully a moderator can see this, I have been been purchasing freelance projects since 2019 doing over 30 projects since then with a 5 star buyer rating. I recently sold my first market product on 12/15/22 in which I was very excited to do so. My payments account has been frozen since 12/17/22 in order for it to be verified which is understandable as it takes 7 days for orders to be cleared. But here is the problem, it is 1/9/23 as I am writing this and my account has still yet to be verified, and I have sent numerous messages to the service desk about having someone review and verify with the only response coming on 12/30 from the support team saying that there maybe a delay because of the holidays. Since then I haven't heard from anyone at the service desk despite me sending another message on 1/5/23 trying to expediate the process, now the MQL5 automated assistant blocks any request to send a message and there is no other way to communicate with anyone there. I still have not been able to withdraw any funds from my account is there any other way to communicate with the powers that have my account reviewed?
Sergey Golubev  
Clemence Oluwatobi Aderinwale #:
Pls I'm having issues contactung the service desk, it keep going into this virtual chat bot
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Loss access to MQL5 - My friend can't get access to my MQ5 account again
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Hello good peole, i need help to get access to my mql account with user (gaes7). Can you guys help me how to get access to my account again. No, i use my friend's account to ask in this forum and now i still can't login with my account gaes7
recently i purchased turbo scalper mt5 but not install and download in terminal.