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honkin 2011.03.03 06:04 

can anyone tell me how to get my mobile number accepted  in the security area so I can withdraw funds I deposited?

 I have input the number correctly with country code and mobile number  yet no SMS has come through and I have tried for 3 days





HongDi s& t development co.,ltd.
hongbin fei 2011.03.03 07:22  

Do you mean when you withdraw money, there are SMS send to you? I think your local bank has this service.


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Eric Duran
Eric Duran 2011.03.03 07:27  

Yes I've had this problem too! It sucks, would like to get my money!

I'm in the USA and use AT&T. What about you? 

investeo 2011.03.03 09:10  

I receive SMS 3-5 seconds after I press button - I am in EU.


Alexey Da
Alexey Da 2011.03.03 09:43  

I answered to you using ServiceDesk.
Eric Duran
Eric Duran 2011.03.03 21:55  

Hi Alex, it might not be that the problem is with you all. It is probably further down the line, would like to hear from someone that's had this problem and how they resolved it. 

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