4 to 9 bar cycle count

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Jerome Bressert
Jerome Bressert  

I have been using cycles in my work since my dad Walter Bressert taught me back in the 70's. He had what he called the Cycle Finder for each market. He measures cycles from low to low which he called the Primary Cycle using daily graphs. There was no computers to day trade back in the 70's.  He then came up with 2 intermediate cycles called the Alpha and Beta Cycle between the Primary Cycles.  After I looked at these for years, I came up with a simple idea, most markets have a 4 to 9 bar cycle count.

The 4 to 9 bar cycle count is just that, most markets will go in one direction for 4 to 9 bars in all time frames. Yes, they can be less of more, but this helps you see when the market is likely to turn. 

What is also helps you with is when to exit positions. If you are lucky to grab a long position at cycle 1 or 2, then you know that you have 2 to 7 more bars to go. 

How do you know when the cycle has turned?

1. If the price action goes below the open of the previous bar.

2. If you close against the trend in the opposite direction.

3. If you are at support or resistance from the past x bars.

The best point to keep in mind is cycles will happen 100% of the time. There will be a cycle high and a cycle low. 

All you need to know is when and where.

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