break even/average price TP/SL modify EA

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hello guys, im new here and i already tried hard to find out want i want buy still cannot find it yet

i really need help to find this EA or can some one create this EA 

Can anyone help me please?

I want EA that can auto modify TP/SL both Buy/SELL Oders to xxx pips or xxx prize base on break even(calculate from average price of all buy/sell separated) 
EX. in this pic is 1.31777 (1.31777 calculate from buy 0.01lot@1.31844 and buy 0.02lot@1.31744) 

Then i want to use EA set to 10pips TP from 1.31777 so both TP should be set @1.31877 **i dont want it to set 0.01lot TP@1.3944 and 0.02lot @1.31844** (only buy orders will modify)

I only found the EA that modify each order 10pips not calculate form average price 

Moreover it also calculate placed order and new order in Real time and working only running currency

i know is too much asking as new member but if anyone have this kind of EA? please kindly share

best regards

sorry for bad English

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