Can't find Service Desk

Riccardo Nati  

Hi guys,

I'm new and I tried yesterday to purchase a copy signal subscription.

I got a message "Financial operations are limited. Please contact our technical support team".

When i click on the technical support team an error shows up "404:Page does not exist".

I tried to search on the left side of the profile page but nothing is shown reporting "Service Desk".

I have a little bug image next to the messages (You can see that in the attached file) but when I click there the same error shows.

I just wanted to be freed from the financial limitation, how can I do this?


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Sergey Golubev  

You registered yesterday on the forum, and you want to become a seller today?


Contact Us
Contact Us
Contact the technical support or the web site administrator. Here you can write your messages and see the history of your requests even if you are not registered on the web site. All messages are private and available only to you.
Riccardo Nati  

No, I just thought that would verify my account! I just want to purchase a signal copy but my Financial operations are limited :)

Do you have any advice?

Riccardo Nati  

Thanks! I tried to contact them there but this is the reply:

Support Team

2019.01.18 12:53
Status: Unapproved  Closed

Dear user,

Thank you for submitting your request. However, please note that we accept only payment related issues via Service Desk. For any technical questions and suggestions, please use the forum.

MQL5 Support

I'm kinda confused

Sergey Golubev  
So, you should wait anyway (because no one knows why it was limited).
But as I remember - this is the temporary situation.
Keith Watford  

I have registered with a Signal on MT5, the first few days were ok with copying then it suddenly stop copying with some messages shown on the Journal as per attached?
Is it because of the recent change in ICMarkets for their symbols that adding the suffix .a after the normal symbol for example EURUSD.a ?


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