Add Extra Realism To Strategy Tester


Please add options like: slippage, disconnect, requotes, spikes, lag, offquote, etc, etc to strategy tester.

This will help greatly to optimize, test properly, and debug strategies for real trading.


I know this isn't everything your asking, but it's a step in the right direction.


 2010.10.18 12:02 

MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 344

  1. MetaTester: Added a new testing mode that allows modeling delays in execution. This modes helps to test the processing of requoting of trade requests.

  2. MetaEditor: Added showing of parenthesis in bold.
  3. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
The live update is available through the LiveUpdate system. 

The MetaTrader 5 client terminal can be downloaded at: