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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

(ASK) i just move from mt4 to mt5 but i have some issues with that,how to delete expert advisor running on my mt5? coz it often open some positions without my authorize and i dont install any EA on my mt5? i have deleted some EA in experts folder and script folder in MQL5 but still didn't work!,did my broker try to scams me by bundling this EA in their mt5 platform? thanks a lot for the answers guys

If EA opened position without your authorize so it may be in two cases only:

  • you have EA attached to the chart (your action: de-attach your EA from the chart);
  • If you are using someone's login/investor pass so stop using it.

This is the weekend today and the market is closed during the weekends (means: no any EA can open any position during the weekends).

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