Bollinger RSI Combo

Gert Jakobus Visser
Gert Jakobus Visser  

Hi, I have been using a strategy for just over 2 weeks now and I found it to be very accurate and profitable if used correctly. Should get you 20 - 30 pips per day! It is a combination of 3 indicators. I found it at a forum, but could not remember where, so I'm not taking credit for this strategy, just would like to share with you.

Bollinger Bands, RSI and Williams' Percent Range.

The setup is as follows.

Draw three bollinger bands:

  • Period 50 Deviation 2 ( Red )
  • Period 50 Deviation 3 ( Orange )
  • Period 50 Deviation 4 ( Yellow )Ad RSI and Williams' indicators.
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