Trump: We are going to have strong controls over FX manipulation

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We're going to have very, very strong controls over currency manipulation and devaluation"

He was talking about those controls in terms of future bilateral trade deals so it's not exactly a hint a naming China a manipulator but it might be seen that way.

  • We're going to have bilateral trade deals with 30-day termination
  • We have made clear to Mexico that Americans won't pay for the border wall
  • NAFTA costs us as much as $60B a year with Mexico alone in trade deficits
  • A meeting with Pena-Nieto would be fruitless
  • We're working on a tax reform bill

Nothing much new so far.

  • We will create millions of new jobs
  • Bold tax reform is at the center of the agenda
  • We will improve access to credit
  • We will ensure our people get the best infrastructure
Lazar Radimir
Lazar Radimir  
Can’t wait to see what Trump is going to achieve from this list :)


Would be interesting to watch how FX manipulation on decentralized market would be controlled :)

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