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Can we invest in PAMM account?

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Melle 2013.01.14 07:32 

Is PAMM account open to everyone who like to invest. How can we invest to PAMM account? Is there any registration?

Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic 2013.01.14 09:56  

You can find some more info on PAMM accounts (and PAMM (Percent allocation management module) in general) here : Percent allocation management module - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The quote I like from the above link :

The percent allocation management module is a form of piggybacking a large investor’s money onto the smaller account of a trader. The trader's own money remains at risk, which theoretically reduces the chance of irresponsible management of the combined funds.
Is PAMM account open to everyone who like to invest. How can we invest to PAMM account? Is there any registration?
Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic 2013.01.14 14:09  

Just one PS: look at a following list of PAMM accounts as an example. Now look at the maximum draw-down column.

So, it is the same of the rest when it comes to investing into anything - the more you expect the bigger the chance is that the risk is excessive. Also, I am not going to show neither the average profits made there (since I know that nobody is interested in 20-25% a year earnings ) nor the ones with profits of -99.99%. It goes with the territory of any kind of investment not controlled by one own

pamm_1.png 28 kb
ststephen 2013.01.15 05:01  

Yes you can easily invest in PAMM. And i assured you that, you will get huge profit after investing in it. You can get information about PAMM by its website..

jw1981 2013.01.18 08:04  

PAMM investments are just as risky as trading forex yourself, maybe just a little bit less risky. As someone already pointed out.. higher the returns, more the drawdown will be. I did invest in a PAMM account long time ago.. managed to make 50% before the account was blown out, a good lesson learned, I trade for myself since then. If you want to, you could be conservative and go for the minimum investment amount to see how it goes and slowly building trust with the money manager, scale up your capital accordingly.

muhammad Askari
muhammad Askari 2013.12.05 08:28  

It is up to your broker , if he offers and you fulfil all requirements you can invest in PAMM accounts . Here in these accounts is a chance of good income . You can get managed money for you investment. First know the nature of PAMM and then decide it is better for you or not . I not experiences yet to trade with this type of account.

Muhammad Aun
Muhammad Aun 2014.01.03 06:21  

The difference is of just trading account all registration process would be same as open real account or as your broker says to fulfil terms and conditions. these accounts are managed accounts help new traders to get some managed profit and loss .

Melle 2014.04.04 10:02  

Have you tried to open a PAMM account?

People say that it is very profitable where you can attract PAMM traders and get commission.

Cuncun 2014.04.08 10:50  

Of course, we can invest in PAMM account. But i will try to maximize PAMM facility in TenkoFx to be a manager, not investor. So i try to improve our trading skills too so i can be more better trader.

nikolas 2014.04.15 08:23  

I've been investing in PAMM about 5 month and I have to say that investor's task consists in not only depositing funds, but constant analyzing fund managers performance, forecasting their future results and moving funds from bad manager to long range one to diversify risks. Now I make off living with PAMM investments, which return in average 10%/month. Here is good example of how my fellow succeed to earn in PAMMs What is better PAMM or trading yourself? | The Financial Blog & Investment Experience

Cuncun 2014.08.12 10:40  

PAMM investment is needed by the trader. with investment PAMM trader bsia entrust their money to be managed by a reliable PAMM manager. So we do not need to bother forex trading.

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