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Sergey Golubev  

Look at previous post for the indicator.

Also some indicators are on this page


looking for a chart time shift indicator


i have been searching but cannot find this indicator. i am looking for an indicator that shows a normal bar chart but can adjust the start time of the daily bar.

for example if you want the daily bar to start at the london open instead of 00 GMT you would add +8 hours.

does anyone have this indicator?



Hello everyone,

I am currently looking for an indicator that shows the countdown of a bar, but with no dependecy to the iTime or whatsoever from the server side. In other words, it runs by itself, and is displayed on the chart.

I need it because the indicators I used to display the countdown of current bar only works for every new tick generated by the server, so :

1. it stops when the bar is lagging or there is a bad connection to the server

2. it can't be used for backtesting

If there is someone who can give me a suggestion, I will really appreciate your big help.



Another Candle time

Original indi can be found on BlueDreamFX.Blogspot.Com

Nice trading journal with a lot of fancy stuff.


these indicators don't work in back test .