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If your trades were being closed out by single tick spikes, then running in stealth mode with spike filtering will keep profitability without loosing everything.

Yes, EA do run better for a while without a stoploss. Sashken was #1 for a while in the contest, and then he did one trade the wrong direction. Where is he now? I closed the trade and deleted the EA from my active list when the account went from 10k to 25k, then 15... 12...9...7... *delete*


Expected PROFIT (pip) in diff time zone

Please state a reasonable EXPECTED PIP profit -- for different cross currencies and different time zone

say, in early hour, aussie time zone, we could expected 5 to 9 pip


-- for different CROSS RATE , currency pair

-- please specify the time (e.g. GMT time as in MT4 , or EST as in NY time)

-- please state the pip range

why-- just because human take some time to recognise a pattern begin

this way, we could set expected profit in our PROFIT TAKING

=== assume our system WORKS well, and we got some form of email signal to tell us to entry -- plus or minus 7 minutes

please state the PIP -- if we use manual click to ENTER and leave the trade

david mackay  

When does Mauro insert the take profit and trailing stop

I am starting to use this Mauro Trailing Stop ea and am wondering when the ea takes action after an order is placed

Thank you