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Anybody has a new version of Sweatspot?

Hello all,

I like to have a new version of Sweatspot, I thank if you share with me.

Thank you


e-mail: habedoya[at]isa.com.co

Results for the last few days, will post every week Safari

all your backtest results have only 50% quality. That is too low, and can not relied.


This seems to be a nice EA but it opens really big lots , is there a way to have it open lots no bigger than 2 ?


The name?

Sweatspot? Isn't that what's under your armpits?? Shouldn't this be SWEETSPOT?

I have a killer new EA for you guys.. It's called CROTCHITCH V1.1


I thought it was a misspell aswell but to see how big the lots it opens are , it does make me sweat.


Thanx ASMDEV , I changed the maximum lot it can take and it's working fine now.