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programmer for my system

Hello.....I am in need for a programmer to set my strategy/system automatically.......fantastic results.....

Please contact me at



oscillators Fisher_v1

Don, I have been using the 34-EMA with great success for many years now. However, it still had false signals and Nina's suggestion of using the "50" is a vast improvement! I suggest you change your settings and compare.

Secondly, I find the 25-LSMA an outstanding indicator to exit - to tell you the truth, I run both 21 and 34-LSMAs until I "stummbled" onto the setting of 25. You may want to experiment here.

Finally, the Fisher_v1 is undoubtedly one of the finest oscillators available. Ypu should read John Ehlers' paper on this and you will never ever want to trade without it. Yes, I see your Awesome Oscillator, but it is no patch on this Fisher. You may know that the fisher is also available as a Histogram. I think I am pretty much up to speed now, but thank you for your e-mail details, I will correspond there also. Best wishes for LONG pockets and SHORT arms, always.

Please! Where do I get the ocilador Fisher_v1?

At once, I want to thank for the attention

Thank you!

Magno Costa

Brasil/Rio de Janeiro


hi donb,

do u mind upload ur indicators and template?

thank you

from ocm

Well here is a situation on 1/11/06 where closing a trade upon price crossing the fatl on a 5min. chart would have caused you to miss out on the full 50 pips.

in the chart there was a long signal entry at 1.7610 initial stop of -35 would be at 1.7575 (yellow line) the market crossed the fatl line and dropped to 1.7584 almost hitting our stop. then turned and went up to hit the +50 target of 1.7660 +

there was a second entry signal long at 1.7625 target +50 1.7675 but the market only went to 1.7669

so there is still some discression needed, the first signal would have given our target if we just followed the original rules.

the original system and rules work!!! with few false signals but if we can find a way to filter the false ones will turn a good system into almost perfect.
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