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Mladen Rakic  
sir sir please i am sorry sir ......... i dont know what is iCustom() call .. and where it can i try ??? ...... where i found it in mt4 or when modify indicator just tell me how can i use this S P mony indicator in to automatic tradin / robo trading thats it sir .................. if this is are all lengthy process then please excuse me and please forget above posts thankyou sir

Please read the first post of this thread and the posts following it

I am sure that you will understand how to use iCustom() call in no time at all after you do that


ok thankyou sir iam sinciourly follow that sir

and one more sir when we use amibroker in that we change values frequently perticular symbols perticular time frames in this matter we change and test changed values / parameter example from 3 to 10 then 4 5 6 7 8 9 this for convinience we use right side left side arrows thats all but how can we use in metatrader like this sir xsupertrend.mq4

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Hello guys,

I need help with writing the code for a custom indicator. It has 4 bufers – the first 2 are histograms and the other 2 are lines. So lets say these are



buf2 and


I am trying to use icustom to call the custom indicator in an EA to implement the following logic

If buf0 > 1, = buy, if buf1 > 1 = sell

But the EA should place a trade only if


1.       Buf0 shift0 > 1

2.       Buf0 shift1 < buf2 shift1

3.       buf0 shift0 > buf2 shift0

4.       buf0 shift0 > buf0 shift1


1.       Buf1 shift0 > 1

2.       Buf1 shift1 < buf2 shift1

3.       Buf1 shift0 > buf2 shift0

4.       Buf1 shift0 > buf1 shift1

Any help will be appreciated.