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CloseTrend EA - Its Job Only For Close Trades!

Hello Mt4 programmers!

i need a big help for creating EA only for closing all open trades, so basically we Manually open trades but close trade with EA

Type:Completed Bar (Only all completed bars count)

Close(Buy) Strategy: When Close Price below(Lower than) EMA 12 Low

Close(Sell) Strategy: When Close Price Above(Higher Than) EMA 12 Highits job only to watch open trade to where it's attached

For Example: I Manually open 3 trades at buy EURUSD .. whenever Completed bar close below EMA 12 LOW

all those 3 buy open trades that we opened Manually will be closed at the same time by EA!

so as you can see as a trend trader our SL & TP are based on moving avarage EMA 12 High & Low!

Thanks In advance!

Hi Guys!

I’m developing a new tool for traders and I want to hear what you think about this tool. The aim of the program is to help traders with some routine tasks and speed up trading. It will work with MetaTrader 4 platform.

Here is the screen shot of the program:

Main features are:

  • 1) Open/close orders on any pair in one click. This can be helpful for people who use scalping strategies.
    • 2) Set StopLoss/TakeProfit levels on MetaTrader4 charts by dragging lines on the chart (see the screen shot below)
      • 3) Show the list of orders in a compact form with custom filters
        • 4) Easy and compact interface, you can put the at any location of your screen on the top of other windows

      • 5) Open bunches of trades (for example open a stack of Pending orders or open several orders on different pairs at one time)

    • 6) Hide SL/TP from broker

  • 7) Multilevel StopLoss/TakeProfit (you can set many SL/TP levels where your position will be scaled out)
Please let me know what you think about such a program? Can it be useful for you?

Thank you for this program.

this program helped me to work faster with orders, as is convenient to work with the lines SP TP.

good program, I am waiting future updates=)

CloseOnTime EA by KimIV

To close the orders exactly at the time.

At 23:55 for example.

All the ordes, or some of them (optional by simbols).

Hi, newdigital

I'm looking for this function long time. Thank you very much. Could introduce how to make usd of this indicator? if possible, stick image or some capture picture else.




Need script or EA to sequence pending orders

Hi, I am looking for a Scrip or EA that can sequence pending orders that I placed into mt4. For example, I have placed 4 panding orders into my mt4, I want to make sure 2nd pending order will only trigger after 1st one, 4th will not execute if 1st 2nd and 3rd order has not executed even if the price of 4th order has touched.

Basically, I need the pending orders to be maintained in a serial regardless of their price. Is there any script/EA available that can do the serial? Or can anyone make this script? That would be highly appreciated.




Hi! Hopefully someone will help me. Im' looking for a script that can close all orders/all profitable orders/all unprofitable orders/all pending orders.

Updates to the previous scripts I posted here.

- The “CloseDeleteOrders v2” script can quickly Close/Delete any number of Buy/Sell order(s). This script is fully 4-5 digit/FIFO compliant for brokers that require it.- The “ModifyOrders v2” script can quickly Modify any number of Buy/Sell order(s). This script is fully 4-5 digit compliant for brokers that require it.- The “BuySellCloseModify + BasketTrades v2” script can quickly Open, Modify, or Close/Delete any number of Buy/Sell order(s). It also has Money Management, Hedging, Ice Berg Orders, and Basket Trade options. This script is fully 4-5 digit/ECN/STP/FIFO compliant for brokers that require it. I know it's loaded with options but I needed something that had all the trading options that I may require at any given moment.

Full pdf option descriptions can be found here...

Hello...this is my 1st post ever

i wish to have a program where i just 1 click on BUY or SELL and it places my order with automatic stop loss and take profit that i predefine... is it possible??

Many thanks

This will do what you need. It also has the option to trail the stop loss or move the stop up once a certain level is reached. This is useful for, say, moving to break even after 20 pips or whatever.