HT indicator - Visual-Chart problem

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Hi Coders!

Do you know the HT indicator? Other name is: Hard Trend indicator or HT Multi indicator. It's a multitimeframe tool.

The input parameters of the indicator are:

ExtHT1Period = 100 - means M5 timeframe
ExtHT2Period = 300 - means M15 timeframe
ExtHT3Period = 600 - means M30 timeframe
ExtHT4Period = 1200 - means H1 timeframe

The indicator works fine on live chart. But if you attach it to a visual backtest chart, it can't show the H1 timeframe. Every timeframe is downloaded in the History Center.

I don't know the cause of the problem. Unfortunatelly I don't have the source code of the indicator. If somebody has it, it would be greate. Because I could repair it.

Can you help me? Do you know this indicator? Or do you have any idea to fix it on visual chart?

Thank you in advance.


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