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Subgenius 2016.08.04 04:25 
If one wanted to search mt4 indicators and experts anymore how can they do it? I've went to code base from mql4 forum and typed something into the search and I'm on mt5 stuff. If you specify mt4 you loose the options for indicators and experts on the left .. Whats with mt4 ? I mean is it getting phased out? I may have to jump start my mt5 coding abilities just so eventually I'm still able code even the simplest of things. So anyway i was checking up on the market in mt4 terminal window and I'm in awe with the amount of huge prices , scams like a 20k indicator that seems to only paint candlesticks -and people selling other peoples free indicators found all around the internet. Who really buys a 1500$ indicator? Or even a 350$ indicator? So to summarize: coding is getting harder to do, prices for code as well, and support for simple code is falling out. ?

Well whatever anyway that's my rant and rave?
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