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a floor board

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qzz10011 2015.09.02 14:32 

Solid mu fu joins a floor board and common sense of choose and buy: When consumer is bought should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, the building materials supermarket or advice to the formal professional market buys a floor board, in general, the quality of the WPC Fence Wholesale mainstream brands and after-sale more secure; 2, pay attention to the outer packing goods, better quality goods packaging specifications complete;Attention should be paid to the purchased product is suitable for heating use, and ask the operator to indicate it in the purchase contract; 3, pay attention to the appearance quality of the goods, the quality is good goods surface luster even usually, beautiful decorative pattern is clear, no cracks.

lamination, surface repair, patch, burr trench, sand through, scratches, paint film is bubbling, paint defects such as leakage; 4, can request distribution units to provide quality inspection report issued by the authorities of not only pay attention to environmental protection iswpc decking plank unqualified, also should pay attention to see if other performance indicators qualified; Floor 5, floor quality "three points, seven points to install".Buy the floor of the home is a kind of semi-finished products, only through the scientific and correct installation can manifest its value.Consumers should be in line with the principle of "whoever sales, install" determine the installation team. Daily maintenance of use: Due to the natural characteristics of wood, are greatly influenced by climate, some change to go through a certain season, usually solid mu fu joins a floor board in 1 year not appear quality problem means that the floor is basic is relatively stable, so the floor of the after-sales service is particularly important.

Solid mu fu joins a floor board after laid, at least to preserve one's health can be used only for 24 hours, otherwise will affect the solid mu fu joins a floor board using effect.In the later daily life, must maintain good solid mu fu joins a floor board, concrete measures are as follows: Low humidity shoulds not be too large in the rooms, daily use twist dry cotton swab to wipe clean can, in case of stubborn stains, reoccupy after neutral cleaning solvent should be used to wipe dry cotton mop to wipe, do not use the acid and composite marine floors alkaline solvent or gasoline scrub. Low is forbidden for a long time under water.If a widespread water carelessly or bureau minister time by water immersion, if there are any MingShui stranded immediately with a dry cloth blot, and allow it to dry naturally, it is forbidden to use electric heater to dry or exposure in the sun. Low for daily use should pay attention to avoid metal sharps, glass ceramics, spikes and other hard objects scratch the floor;Don't make the floor contact with open flame or high power electric heater is placed directly on the floor.

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