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wood price

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qzz10011 2015.08.31 01:54 

Two years to double the price of heavy wood ants wood prices have been rising, and prices of the gathering, the amplitude and frequency are unprecedented, two years ago, the hottest selling mainstream Merbau wood species, due to the strict control of timber exports The reasons of wood plastic composite price increase to Southeast Asian countries , supply was cut off, so only the price jumped up, even in the last year there is no market price phenomenon, this year has been hard to find but now, mainly from Brazil, heavy wood ants is also facing the same fate. One for 20 years, Brazil's timber business insiders told the author, since last year, the Brazilian government has begun to restrict timber exports, resulting in short supply in Brazil plates;.

At the same time, with the rapid development of real estate in Europe and America and other countries, a large number of Europe Buyers flock to Brazil, making the already tense enough to go around Brazil plates, heavy wood ants from two years ago, 200 yuan / square meter rose to nearly 400 yuan / square meter. Solid wood flooring lianliankan up frightened not Black Wall Cladding Wholesale Malaysia only consumers, even wood flooring dealers by surprise. Hang operate a wood floor in seven years merchant told reporters: 'manufacturers a phone, I notice you gone up, there is no room for maneuver. 'Second, parquet flooring business betting heavy wood ants, although prices have been high, but because of heavy wood ants fashion color, good stability, particularly its outstanding corrosion resistance, it is suitable for such a humid climate in Hangzhou, the Hangzhou the market is still very sought after. Good good good a floor store official told the author, in early March the supply of heavy wood ants is still relatively abundant, but it is difficult to ensure that a new round of price increases in April and May.

Because of heavy wood ants problem is difficult to alleviate the tight supply in the short term, this year they are ready to open up the surface layer of 2 mm thick three solid wood flooring, will also open up new wood species from Africa, Russia, in order to meet market needs. It should be noted that some irresponsible manufacturers because of heavy wood ants can not get the supply, take the opportunity to defective B, C level panel procurement from Brazil to our country, by scraping gray, add color, trimming how to cover area under deck and other processing to secondary charged; some even poor-quality timber species by adding other color processing, posing heavy wood ants harm consumers. One industry expert new floor city remind consumers in the purchase of Brazilian heavy wood ants, be sure to look PU coating, without color of the floor, especially to beware of is the kind of six-closure of southbound floor. Zhang so crazy to the enterprise market has brought great impact, with prices skyrocketing, consumers in the purchase process to strict quality control.

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