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Industry reshuffle

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qzz10011 2015.08.28 01:28 

Industry reshuffle affected brands Yesterday, decorated the city at the time of interview, the author found that the floor is located in a prominent position at the entrance to the street, the former Rhine sun floor storefront by LG floor instead. It is understood, Rhine sun floor in the Plastic Wood Like Tiles area in addition to decorate the city, a good one Hi-tech Park in the city as well as a store decoration. I then contacted the relevant person in charge of a good one Hi-tech Park City decorative floor area, according to the person in charge, Rhine sun floor storefront has been transferred, and recently the brand will open new stores is no news. "Rhine sunshine in Jinan selling pretty good, but the Qingdao market not doing well."

According to insiders, Rhine sun floor by the world's largest professional laminate flooring manufacturer - Germany Krono is the flooring industry single-handedly created the godfather Peng Hongbin The brand, featuring environmental health, is a few through the EO standard validation of the brand. The Rhine sunshine withdraw Qingdao market, which shows the current fierce competition in the flooring industry. According to industry analysts, in recent years, has been in the flooring industry situation of excessive competition, constantly shuffling sound, into 2010, the situation has been extended to the restaurant composite patio chairs whole shuffle flooring industry, begun to spread to brands within the industry. Broaden the product range for the market price to sell a net importer of the floor, never participate in price wars in a certain brand of flooring, in March this year to come up with a floor price of less than 40% off sales engineering. "Affected by the financial crisis, the current European market has not yet fully recovered, we worked with Belgian UNILIN factory, launched this event in March, the intention is to see what the market response."

According to the person in charge of the floor area. "With the increase in refined decoration real estate, the market share of flooring retail industry continues to shrink. In order to compete for more market share, each are increasing their product lines." Living at home floor Meng relevant person in charge told the author of life at home, Baroque floor has been sellingfoam flooring exterior porch handmade of pure solid wood flooring main, the price is probably around 400 yuan / square meter, in order to expand brand awareness, increase market share, recently launched priced at two hundred dollars to strengthen the floor. In addition, also introduced, including panels, real wood wallpaper, doors, etc., the entire wooden home series.

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