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environmental protection

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qzz10011 2015.08.26 05:21 

Cabinet of environmental protection is a comprehensive concept, far from being a "Formaldehyde is not excessive" can cover. An original sin: chemical pollution in addition to formaldehyde, may also exist harmful substances as benzene, radon and other cabinetry. In addition to Outdoor Composite Decking For Open Air Platform the panel, as well as cabinet panels and adhesives need to be related to treatment, to ensure the content of harmful substances are not exceeded. Sin Two: physical damage materials, poor workmanship cabinet, there may burrs, sharp corners, fast mouth and other details at that part without reasonable process, it is likely to cause bodily injury. Direct handling of food in the cabinet, probably because the table quality problems caused by the incorrect use of impurities, debris, etc., are also harmful to health.

Cabinet also exist noise pollution, light, to avoid these problems, it is necessary to use high-quality hardware, a reasonable choice of panels and countertops. Sin III: materials from non-recyclable prize outdoor wooden floor in the Asia-Pacific waste materials causing environmental protection, the stainless steel better than aluminum, because aluminum is relatively low boiling point, only 200 degrees, while the stainless steel to be as high as 2000 degrees, is not conducive to material recycling process ʱ?? Some inconspicuous part of the cabinet such as adjustable feet, can use plastic materials back, as long as it qualified strength, there is no need to choose a so-called non-ABS plastic.

Sin IV: few energy-saving design of the more popular compared to dual-slot sink, which is more water conservation; because of the large water tank needs more water storage, and double sink can dip, wash separately, can be more rational water use. Gas stove settings should try to avoid the draft, if installed in the door, when the use of gas will be affected air flow, not only the composite boards end caps amount of gas will increase, and the fumes are dispersed by the wind, unable to concentrate absorption, it will affect fume extraction machine work. Sin Five: kitchen garbage polluting the environment has been considered waste "manufacturing plant", dirty floors, clogged sinks have become commonplace, and clean up residual improper garbage, it is easy to breed bacteria, while also attracting the four victims.

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