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I feel irritated by the amount of off-topic messages and meaningless subjects

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Ali Akcaagac
Ali Akcaagac 2015.05.20 10:12 

... as I would count this message to the ones that I would consider off-topic. But recently I feel quite irritated by messages that pop up with subjects or contents like:

"HELP" ... "URGENT" ... "HOME CHANGE PACKAGERS" ... "I WRITE EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS" ... "I want to trade with 100USD how ?" ... "My broker lost all my data so I complain here" ... and other off topic stuff.

I would clearly recommend some moderation in that regard. Otherwise it makes it really hard and time consuming reading messages with the subject "HELP" that does not contain any usable further informations of the problem case or use case. At least, please use a descriptive subject if you like to get help. Also replying to 10 old messages about data feeds with the same contents "howto data feed ?" is quite irritating. Howto data feed what ? This all depends on your use case. Wouldn't it be enough to open one message for one particular question ? If someone knows the aswer and feel like he/she likes to reply then it would happen. Otherwhise not.

SackMyCook 2015.05.20 11:28  
Well see if you can be an administrator/moderator of this forum, then you can separate the wheat from the chaff.
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