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Academy Of Financial Trading Review Anyone ?

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Mike Specter
Mike Specter 2015.02.10 09:48 

I'm quite new to trading and Forex and I'm looking for some guides and training videos. Do you think that the academy of financial trading is a good option? Has anybody tried any of their courses?

I really prefer video guides as they are easier to understand.

Mike Specter
Mike Specter 2015.02.10 09:49  
I forgot to mention their website is academyft
Ratchell 2015.02.10 12:57  

Nice to meet you.

I am currently enrolled in the foundation course at academyft, and i have to say that the teachers are really great, and they make you understand everything. You can also join the weekly webinars where you can ask the teachers yourself if you have misunderstandings.

I am at lesson 5 new, "Technical Charting 101" and i already feel like trading :).

So, I'll say yeah, if you can spare the money, they'll be well spent.

honest_knave 2015.02.10 13:02  
I'm sure it is totally coincidental that 2 new members sign up on the same day to a forum dedicated to the coding of MQL4 in order to discuss a trading academy... but leaving all that coincidence to one side, I don't think advertising is allowed here.
Mike Specter
Mike Specter 2015.02.11 09:19  
I'm sorry if i created the thread in the wrong section. I found this forum on Google in a list of top Forex forums and this was the only one that would allow me to start a new thread.
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