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Push Notification when Metatrader (desktop) is closed

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racerfreak85 2014.07.14 13:30 


i created a push-alert (metatrader4, desktop). now i see that alert on my iphone. but when i close the metatrader on my desktop, then the alerts don´t work anymore. only when the program on my desktop is opened i get the messages on my iphone.

is there a way to get the notification while the desktop metatrader is closed?

qjol 2014.07.14 13:36  

are you for real

how exactly you want metatrader to send push notification if the program is closed

it's the same you were asking how can it be that you don't have access to the internet while your computer is turned off
Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2014.07.14 13:38  

Your Mt4 platform sends the alerts

If your MT4 platform is closed, how can it send the alerts? 

racerfreak85 2014.07.14 13:51  

don´t know... maybe there is a possiblity that the alerts are saved at the server from the broker like my orders or any other online solution...

ballenoz 2014.07.14 22:06  
Perhaps what he wanted was notification when the terminal was CLOSING
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