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Lee 2013.11.15 13:08 


Since build 482 the ability of choosing your Data Center manually has been removed. I know that a lot of people messed up by choosing unsuitable Data Centers for themselves and flooding other with requests. However, I have noticed that the automatic selection of my terminal isnt correct with some brokers. For instance one of my terminals is connecting itself to european Data Center although my and my brokers server are in NY. My execution speed is increased to 700 ms compared to 300 when server settings are correct. When I change the servers manually it will be fine until they switch back to the wrong settings after a while. This is detremental for trading approaches relying on a fast execution speed! So my question is, if there is a ways how to switch back to the ability to choose your server manually? Maybe some setting or a script or EA?



Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2013.11.15 16:01  

You tried changing it in tools/options/server ?

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