Custom Indicator - color change? - page 2

Shakir Elahi
Shakir Elahi  
I have an indicator that displays RSI 14 reading on the main chart in white color. I want it to turn Green if the RSI is below 20 and red if it goes above 70. Can anyone help advise how to manage?

input string comfons2         =  "======RSI Settings======";                 //======RSI Settings======
input int    rsi_period_1     =  14;                                        //1st RSI Period
ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE               rsi_applied_price_1=PRICE_CLOSE;     //1st RSI Applied Price
input color  col_1            =  clrWhite;                                  //1st Color
input color  col_2            =  clrRed;                                    //2nd Color
input color  col_3            =  clrLime;                                  //3rd Color

//1st RSI Period
double get_rsi14(int _shift)

void show_info(int _shift=0)
   write_line(23,"Rsi 14P:  "+DoubleToStr(get_rsi14(_shift),2),col_3,fontsize1,font1);

I can add 

input double  OverBought         = 70;
input double  OverSold             = 30;

But how do I get the color to change?